2 tips to safeguard your Mac

Your Mac is like a private storage facility for important information.

Regardless of the value of information in their Macs, there’s at least one error that the average Mac user is making daily:

How to protect your Mac using a simple antivirus solution

The rise in Mac malware is one reason why security experts are urging users to take proactive steps toward the safety of their Macs. One way Apple fans can easily protect their computers is by routinely scanning their Mac for malware and viruses with antivirus software, like MacKeeper’s security package.

How to find your data in public data flows

Another way to remain educated about your privacy and security would be to check to determine if you’ve had any personal data leaked in a data breach. Quite regularly, big and smaller businesses we trust with our personal information. They can be hacked or unintentionally release the data via defects in their security. When your data is compromised, security experts suggest that you change the login information for any accounts that may have used the same combination of password and usernames.


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