Here is Motorola’s ‘real’ flip test for their new Razr flip


We’re still not sure when you will have the ability to purchase Motorola’s re-imagined reverse phone in shops, but we do have a fresh video of the folding display Motorola Razr for you to see.

The first thing you will likely notice is the way the Motorola’s robot slowly and surely moves that display open and closed. You will only see them fold six times in this video. More to the point, Motorola’s bot does not place any strain on the hinge itself. It is a gentle, bar-shaped hand nudging open, and a second hand turning it shut.

But I have difficulty believing that Motorola’s robot evaluation tells us more. Even if the SquareTrade robot might have put too much strain on the hinge, Motorola seems to prevent stressing the hinge in any respect, and I would imagine the reality would be somewhere in between.

It is worth remembering that Samsung’s first Galaxy Fold had to be redesigned partially because dust could get within the hinge and damage the screen. However, we had seen Samsung’s robots fold it for many days, a test that gave the business enough confidence to assert it would outlast 200,000 folds, or about five years of usage at 100 folds a day.

And it is not a great indication that you can not yet find the Razr in shops, or that Motorola did not broadly seed it with reviews before launch day. Motorola does say however that the phone’s screen will last at least two years.

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